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Day 3 (Thursday)

The roofers started on the north side of small barn next to the house. They put a new layer of plywood over the old sheathing for the small barn. They didn't have time to put shingles on the small barn, but they put roofing paper on the roof, so it would be protected from rain.

Due to a communication error, the guy who went to the nearby Home Depot to get the plywood, picked up the more expensive AC plywood instead of the typical CD grade plywood for sheathing (the sides of plywood are graded from A to D (from best to worse)). It was their mistake, so they're not going to bill me for the extra $300.

Day 4 (Friday)

Over night, it was very windy. In the morning we found that the first row of roofing paper got blown off the small barn (fortunately it didn't rain). Today is was just a small crew, so all they had time to do is finish the small barn, and do the shed next to it.

Friday was VERY cold, so I told the foreman that they could come into warm up (two of them took advantage of the offer).

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The roofer invasion continues. Today, they started working on the south facing roof.
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The supply truck arrived an hour before the roofers. Fortunately, I knew where the roofers wanted him to put the stuff.

Edit: Make that 1.5 hours before the roofers.


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