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Dec. 27th, 2011 03:46 pm
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Next to my computer, there's bag with an "Arisia '09" baseball hat that I ended up with after A'09. A friend bought it, but accidentally left behind at the con. I kept forgetting to bring it to Arisia (or other cons) to return it to owner. Now it's too late, and I have no idea what do with Badger's hat.
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Starting at 9pm on Friday at Lunacon, Arisia will be hosting a party in the Con Suite.

We'll have lots of teas and tasty treats for you to sample.

Please drop by and say "hi".
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I've been at the Arisia Hotel for ~7 hours. On the one hand, I feel like I haven't done much, on the other hand, I've done the following.

  • Delivered video gear for Tech.
  • Drove over to a nearby vacant building to see if there might be a security guard who can tell me the name of the management company. Didn't find any humans, but there was a small note on the door with their number. Hopefully they'll call back so I can try to talk them into letting us use their parking lot.
  • Test a device for temporarily locking the door for Ops (something I put together from $0.96 of random bits found at Home Depot).
  • Fetched food from someone's car who didn't have time to get away from their desk.
  • Printed out labels for Arisia's new radios, and stuck them on the radios with [profile] quietannn's help.
  • Helped someone arrange some tables
  • Identified some furniture that the hotel forgot to remove.
  • Installed a convex mirror halfway up the Crow's Nest stairs
  • Delivered a printer/scanner to Reg (it spends it's off time next to my desk).
  • Checked-in with various people to see how their areas are going.
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Singer at the start of the Circus Extravaganza.


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